24 febrero 2012

Answer to Robert Acquet in Facebook

Labour is not cheaper that it should be.In Germany, 4 people are needed to make a machine, but in Spain it is 5. But this 5 people want to have a terraced house or a flat in the coast and of course, the same level in NHS, a Land Rover Freelander and whatnot. And of course, being a civil servant that ends work by 14 pm.And of course , having a lifetime job, like in the times of Franco, when everybody had a guaranteed job, of course needing 15 people to make a SEAT car, instead of the usual 10 of germans. But the State is generous and guarantees us happiness thanks to universal grants, sometimes called salary. It is like wonderland Greece.

The trouble in this world comes when people want things that they do not earn enough to pay for. People in PIG countries learn very quickly their rights but not their duties. "the right to a good job" turns into "the right to a lifetime job in the state pool". The "right to a good house" turns into "the right to OWN a house". The right to a good salary turns into "getting paid NO MATTER if I work or I look through the window.